How old do I have to be to audition and march?

Membership is limited to individuals between the ages of 14 & 22 – 14 years of age before April 1 or 22 years of age AFTER April 1. Students of all the mentioned ages are welcome to attend auditions.  While it is very rare for someone 15 or younger to be a part of the group we still encourage everyone to audition to gain experience and to receive expert instruction. If someone is under 18 and does make the ensemble there will be a mandatory parent meeting before the season officially starts.


How much is auditions?

Auditions cost $45 this year if you take advantage of pre-registration. At the door is $50.  This fee includes all dates for audition. Packets for the audition process may be downloaded for free on our website.


I’m not too sure that I’ll make the group, but should I audition anyway?

You never know for sure until you try, and even if you are not yet ready for membership you will learn a great deal which will help you in your current performance situation, and in future auditions. Auditions can be fun and educational.


How many members from last year are returning?

We don’t know. Quest does not reserve spots for returning members; every position is open to any qualified performer.


What if I want to march drum corps?

We encourage Drum Corps participation. We try and help by communicating directly with the corps to work out schedule conflicts. Most corps are flexible with the indoor activity. The most important thing is communication!


Can I have a job during the Quest year?

Yes, Quest understands the financial obligations that members have not only to Quest fees but life in general.  It is important to remember that in order to be a part of Quest you do have to be able to attend rehearsals and competitions.


Is talent the primary audition requirement, or is attitude and improvement considered?

Talent is important, but it is certainly not the only criterion. Attitude is extremely important, and your improvement between camps will show the staff that you have potential for growth.


What if I’m from out of town, how does the audition process work?

Email us. We will work with you and and assist with arrangements. Out-of-state people march every year.


What’s the rehearsal schedule like?

During the months of November and December Quest will rehearse all day Friday and Saturdays.  January till the end of the season will also be Friday and Saturday  all day with some Sundays added in the schedule.


How much are fees?

The fee can change based on the needs of the group. Generally Quest costs between $950 - $1100, paid with a monthly payment from November-March. This covers staff, design, entry fees, your regional and championship trips, uniforms and equipment.


What is not covered by fees?

Quest does not provide transportation to and from rehearsal nor local circuit competitions. Members will be responsible for housing and food during rehearsal weekends, in addition to food during competition weekends.  Many members who drive long distances stay with local members.


Where does Quest rehearse?

Quest will rehearse at various high schools and locations in the metro area.


What if I can’t afford to march?

Quest offers "some" fundraisers, but your best bet is to find a sponsor. Quest does have a packet that helps with strategies in looking for a sponsor. Most important, have a plan before you come to auditions!


How much commitment is needed for Quest?

Being a member of Quest comes with a very strong time, work, and financial commitment.  As an independent group we rehearse every weekend except for a few holidays. While it is possible to have a job, attend school, tryout for a corp, and attend to family obligations, it will take a good use of time management.  Sometimes you cannot do everything.  Be prepared to work and to work hard at practice.  We only have weekends to rehearse, so with the limited time that we have we get down to business.  Also you are expected to work during the week for individual practice.  Financially you are expected to pay for your fees, as that is how Quest operates during the season. If you are unable to commit to all 3 of these areas Quest may not be the right fit for you this year.  Just missing one of these key areas will put undue stress on you, the group and our staff.  Please be aware and prepared for these commitments.


My family wants to help, what do you need?

Uniform adjustments, Truck drivers, builders (wood & metal), cooks, etc. If you think you can help, email us!


If there are any other questions that need to be answered please select the contact page for answers to any questions.