Atlanta Quest is excited to start our 2016 Jump Start program. As the 2016 competitive season is starting, the JUMP START program gives Atlanta Quest Alumni, Family, Friends and Fans a chance to help with the immediate needs of the ensemble. All donations to the JUMP START program will be used to help purchase the equipment below. If you want your donation to go to a specific piece of equipment, please enter it into the name of the instrument in the memo line of your donation on PayPal. If you would like to purchase one of the items for the ensemble in it's entirety, please contact us here.

CB-P3620BR - Dynasty Concert Bass Drum 36" x 20"

CS-S1465C - Signature 14x6.5 Concert SD/Cherry

CT-SS0234DC - Signature Professional Series Concert Toms

KM-PS43 - Bergerault 4.3 Octave Performance Synthetic Marimba

KX-PS35 - Bergerault 3.5 Octave Performance Synthetic Xylophone

KV-PS30 - Bergerault 3.0 Octave Performance Vibraphone